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Web Design

The best database still needs an interface. Data Futures has decades of experience providing rich, robust applications that empower your business to accomplish it's goals.

Data Futures specializes in Adobe®'s ColdFusion server technology and has for over 12 years. By developing in ColdFusion, Data Futures can bring your project to completion in a third the time that similar ASP.NET and PHP projects might take due to ColdFusion's ease of programming, robustness and tight integration with a database. ColdFusion can also run on Windows, Mac and Unix with a variety of web engines including IIS and Apache.

Whether it's designing/programming recipe applications, e-commerce for huge and small companies, back-office processing, data warehousing, intranet communication systems, automated traffic enforcement systems, price comparison systems, online educational systems, restaurant management systems or anything else you can imagine... Data Futures has done it all. Let us sit down with you and listen. We listen attentively because it's YOUR project, not ours. It's YOUR vision, not ours. We're there to help in any way we can. We'll provide guidance, ask a lot of questions so that we're all on the same page and come up with a project plan to get you to your goal.

Dynamic Content

One of Data Futures' specialties in regard to Web Design is our inclusion of dynamic content driven from an SQL database. Your website immediately reflects new content, new press releases, price changes and item availability in real time. Our marriage of database and application/web design can create amazing business applications that are functional websites, not just another pretty face. That's what Data Futures is about... building websites that work.

Dynamic Administration

Another specialty is our ability to provide for reaching Administrative support into your website application. Furthering our Dynamic Content philosophy, our Dynamic Administration allows you to safely manipulate reference information such as adding/removing items that you sell, changing prices, altering stock levels, delivery rates and schedules, and much more. Add and remove employees to immediately reflect change in status, grant permissions to different website functions to different people or take their rights away and you gain instant control of who's using your application. With our Dynamic Administration, all apsects of the front-end website application can be easily and safely controlled while empowering administrators in the back office to control processes and work flow. It is truly amazing how functional your website application can be and how it can help your business succeed!


In order to help you understand your website's traffic, performance, sales, and any aspect of its back office functionality, Data Futures can build any number of simple or complex reports into your web site. Don't worry about security; We can build that into your website too. You control who can view which report through your Dynamic Administration. Reports are easy to run with as much or as little data, as many filters as you like with different outputs... spreadsheet, pdf, and many other formats.

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