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We're proud to call these companies our clients, partners and our friends

"It is my pleasure to unconditionally recommend Data Futures. They have provided us with excellent guidance, support, emergency services, maintenance and design assistance. They have been totally reliable, worked whenever necessary - weekend, nights, holidays. No matter when we call and what our problem is, they have been there to provide support to us and their attitude is outstanding..."

Patricia Marlin, Director of Interactive Technologies, Kraft Foods

"As a long-standing Data Futures client, I can only give the highest praise for their expertise and professionalism. We have used the DF-VirtualDBA service extensively which has helped us in every aspect of the service.... questions, problems, programming and emergency service. During times of great need, they have travelled internationally to assist us on-site until our goals were achieved."

André Foster, Vice President of Information Technologies, Cable Bahamas

"Data Futures was there when we started our new system, designed the database and functions, guided us through all aspects of coding while supporting us throughout the entire process. To this day, they have provided superlative support, information and have shown tremendous expertise in Oracle and ColdFusion technologies. The peace of mind that having them on call for emergency support is invaluable. Having used that emergency support at all hours of the day and night, we can wholeheartedly recommend Data Futures to any and everyone!"

Vicki Fracassi, Manager of Database Operations, Full Spectrum Telecommunications

"Since 1999 when they helped design our Oracle database environment, we have relied extensively on Data Futures services for our Oracle and SQLServer environments. They have been there when we needed them without fail and without question, they have always provided the highest quality of service. We are extremely comforted knowing that Data Futures is always there to aid us with immediate response on any service call at any time, day or night. We never are concerned during staff training, vacation or sick time as we have our Virtual DBA's always on call."

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