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Keep your database strong and healthy by inspecting its stability, growth and disaster recovery status

DF-PM Services


DF-PM™ Services are designed to provide you with the most flexible, thorough and cost-effective proactive management available for your Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database environments.

It is far better to avoid a problem than to resolve a problem. That's the idea behind the DF-PM™ service. How in-depth the service we provide and how frequently you have us perform our service is completely up to you. For stable, established and non-mission critical production environments, it is usually best to perform this service once per month. The less stable, the more critical your application's data is, the more frequent your "checkups" should occur.

Service Details

This service provides the fundamental maintenance needed to sustain a health working database environment. The service includes:

  • System Analysis: A documentation of all database/instance objects and their locations, all users/logins and their assigned roles and privileges, and all tablespaces/datafiles/database and their corresponding information.

  • Backup Analysis: A compreshensive investigation and documentation effort ensuring a thorough knowledge of backup processes, including all information needed to recover from media failure.

  • Error Log Analysis: Preventing small problems from becoming major disasters, this analysis provides detailed research into the alert/transaction logs of the database with appropriate documentation of any errors found, as well as an investigation into their cause and any solutions to the problems.

  • Export Analysis*: Documentation of all export information recorded since the last DF-PM™ visit, assisting in database health analysis and partial disaster recovery. This analysis includes and export set investigation and the documentation of all involved processes.

  • Freespace Analysis: This analysis documents the total size of your tablespaces/datafiles and lists what space is available and what space might be used poorly. It is also an extremely useful tool for growth estimates.

  • Redo / Transaction Log Analysis: A dynamic report documenting the transactional activity of your database through time. This analysis includes an investigation that documents the date, size and location of appropriate redo / transaction logs and the number/frequency of their usage.

  • Table Analysis: An investigation into the size and number of rows in each table, the average size of the rows in each table and the number of extents/amount of fragmentation for each table.

  • Index Analysis: To complement the table analysis, the same process is applied to the indices in your database(s). The two combine to form a "living picture" of the data through time.

* Oracle only service

Custom Services

We know that there are always unique situations and challenges. If our standard plan doesn't suit your needs, feel free to contact us and we can setup a custom plan of support that fits your needs.

Service Rates

DF-PM™ Services are available to you based on a sliding scale of cost. The cost is based on how many databases/instances you have us investigate along with the frequency of the investigations. Your business needs will dictate how often the services should be performed and which databases/instances need be managed.

Each Preventive Maintenance event is billed at two (2) hours per database (for Oracle) or per instance (for SQL Server) and never any more, even if we find a large amount of information that we need to impart to you. This fixed fee pricing allows you to more easily budget your expenses for database support. The number of tablespaces, schema, objects, etc. in your Oracle database or the number of databases, logins/users, objects, etc. in your SQL Server database does not influence the price... one flat fee per database/instance per PM event.

In addition, the more databases/instances you have us investigate and the more frequently you have us investigate, the cheaper your per hour rate becomes.

—  You determine which databases/instances we investigate.

—  You determine how often we investigate each database/instance.

—  You determine the savings and control your budget while receiving world-class service that helps you sleep at night!


Please contact us for the latest pricing or if you have any questions

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