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Database Design
Flexible, not fixable database design using the latest tools with decades of experience

Store and access your company's data faster and easier than you ever thought possible, while using a flexible database model that allows you to control the application logic by altering database values... truly dynamic business control at its finest.

Web Design
Internet presence, Process management, data warehousing, Back Office management and more

Looking to get your company on the Internet? Setting up a backoffice management system? Data Futures can get the job done in a short amount of time, while developing the most stable, flexible and user friendly applications around.

Application Programming
Building database-driven applications with a combination of a world-class database design and dynamic, flexible programming


Whether for consumer or purely internal use, leveraging our expertise in designing and building robust, flexible applications will help you implement your goals quicker and with more confidence. Our specialty is bringing your online businesses and the back office systems together into one cohesive environment where data warehousing becomes easy!

Business Analysis
Helping you understand your own business processes to build better systems

Trying to determine the business, process and data flow of any business is key in the design of a back office, fulfillment or online merchant system. Knowing the business rules, controls and reactions helps to build a system that can't break but only reacts appropriately.

Project Management
Providing the assistance you need to fast track your projects

You might have the staff necessary to program the new application / website but they aren't expereinced enough to manage the project and avoid the pitfalls that always popup. Data Futures can help by supplying our own project managers to be part of your team.

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